VF Imagewear 3-N-1 Midnight Navy Jacket


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3-N-1 Jacket

  • Breathable:Allows air to pass through the fabric easily.
  • Body Armor:Designed to accommodate protective armor worn under garment.
  • Water Resistant/Repellent:Properties, treatment or fabric with the capacity to resist or repel water.
  • Ventilation:Open or meshed passage allowing air to flow freely.

The North Face® and Horace Small™ combined their technical expertise and marketing knowledge to design one of the most functional jackets for public safety on the market. Our exclusive Acclimate Zip-in System allows absolute personal climate control through the versatility and flexibility of a 3-N-1 jacket system. Ideal for any climate across the country, the Zip-Out Primaloft® Acclimate Jacket can be worn alone or zipped in as an insulated shell. 

Shell - Lightweight Treated Cordura
Liner - Zip-Out Primaloft® All Climate Jacket


  • Blend:
    • Shell - 100% Nylon
    • Liner - 100% Nylon with Primaloft® Insulation
  • Care:Home Wash