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XGO Phase 1 Fr Boxer Brief


Coyote Brown
Desert Sand
Backordered. Available to ship in 10-15 business days.

The XGO®’s Phase 1 FR Boxer Briefs provide the dual benefits of lightweight feel and Flame Retardant protection. The FR Boxer Briefs won’t weigh you down while providing the flame retardant protection that you desire. If you need a pair of FR underwear that will keep you cool while in a burning location, the Phase 1 FR Boxer Brief from XGO is right for you!

The XGO Base Layers are designed to maximize comfort and performance for any temperature or activity. The ideal temperatures are only provided to assist you in building your ideal layering system.

Acclimate® FR is a patented, proprietary blend of high-performance, flame-retardant yarns. The FR fabric has inherent qualities which cannot be washed or worn out, and the Thermal Protective Performance values (after-flame, no-drip) exceed NFPAstandards (ASTM D6413). All XGO® flame-retardant garments breathe and wick moisture well, ensuring comfort is maintained during long periods of intense activity.

Phase 1 is an acclimate Flame Retardant Lightweight (5.0 oz/sq yd) ideal for temperatures between 40° – 100&deg(more...)