XGO Phase 3 Tactical Tights


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The Tactical Tights from XGO is part of the Phase 3 Super-Mid-weight collection that utilizes a high-density stretch which allows you an unrestricted full range of motion without compressing. A comfortable high-performance base-layer that has a more technical slick outside finish and lightly brushed inside that is a great layering addition for moderate to cold environments.

The XGO Base Layers are designed to maximize comfort and performance for any temperature or activity. The ideal temperatures are only provided to assist you in building your ideal layering system.

The technical base layers with Acclimate® Dry are designed to be the highest quality, most comfortable and best-performing layering systems for any climate or situation. Acclimate® Dry fabrics offer superior wicking, breathability, and quick drying time. Acclimate® Dry performance fabrics wick and dissipate perspiration and moisture away from the skin – keeping the wearer dry and comfortable for extended periods of activity.

Phase 3 is an acclimate Dry Super Mid-Weight (7.5 oz/sq yd) ideal for temperatures between 10° – 40° Fahrenheit

  • Designed to fit closely for comfort and full range of motion
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